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"People live on only one or two floors of a large apartment building which is our mind, forgetting the rest"
Carl Jung
Johnny Trujillo is the director of the Advanced Knowledge Institute and the developer of the Integrative Knowledge Therapy© which states that "A person with conscious awareness about the self, conscious knowledge about behaviours construct and a conscious-unconscious relationship, can change unwanted behaviours for positive, constructive, desirable behaviours"

Johnny's Picture Johnny has highly developed skills as a coach, counsellor, trainer and mentor. Johnny works with clients experiencing challenges in areas such as setting and reaching business and personal goals, communication, motivation, issues at the workplace, relationship issues, self-esteem, self-awareness, depression, anxiety, phobias, trauma, addictions, family relationships, grief and loss, and eating disorders.

Johnny Trujillo was born in Colombia, South America. He is a previous track champion and is a black belt in Karate. Growing up, he took an active interest in philosophy, psychology and in political and social issues. In his early teens, Johnny founded an international pen pal club with the goal of connecting young people throughout the world. Writing for a leading national newspaper Johnny interviewed many international Diplomats assigned to Colombia, including the United States Counsel to Colombia, who invited Johnny to migrate to New York City in his early 20s.

Johnny spent his early years in the United States working in Electronics before joining the United States Air Force whereupon he spent some time in California where he volunteered as a coach for the Special Olympics Athletes. He was later transferred to Germany for four years. On returning to New York he secured a role as an Assistant Vice President of Remote Access, Information Technology, for Merrill Lynch. His career has taken him from South America to New York to Germany and now Sydney, which has allowed Johnny to have a special understanding of cultural differences.

Johnny is widely read in the field of human development and has provided counselling, mentoring and coaching skills in the wider community. In addition, Johnny has practical experience as a trainer in the United States Air Force, as a teacher at a New York City evening college and running his own computer training and sales business.

Johnny has been based in Sydney for the last five years as an Australian resident. In his current role, Johnny specialises in helping people and businesses reach their full potential and overcome existing challenges by using techniques that he has developed from his training in NLP, Coaching, Psychotherapy, Philosophy and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

Johnny is a unique professional with a depth of knowledge, which blends his international and domestic experience. He has a reputation for approaching problems in lateral ways, using the best of many techniques. This has been accomplished through utilisation of a comprehensive approach, setting in motion the achievement of common business/personal goals.

Johnny's volunteer experience includes the Latin American Film Festival in New York, promoting an understanding of the Latin culture in the United States; Member of the executive committee for Telefriend; Co-leader of the Anxiety Disorders Association Support Group for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder sufferers; and provided support to residents of the Mercy Family Life Centre.

  • Graduate Certificate in Neuro-linguistic Programming 2005
  • Certificate IV Business and Human Resources 2005
  • Certificate IV Assessment & Workplace Training 2004
  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychotherapy & Human Counselling 2004
  • Gestalt Therapy 2003
  • Coaching Skills for Psychotherapists 2004
  • Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming 2003
  • Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis 2003
  • US Air Force NCO Leadership 1989
  • Black Belt in Karate-Do and Tae-Kwon-Do 1974
  • Track National Championship 1969
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