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"People live on only one or two floors of a large apartment building which is our mind, forgetting the rest"
Carl Jung

We all come across challenging situations and difficult experiences in our lives and in order to get relief from our burden, some times we need and want someone with more competence and understanding than our regular friends and support network; other times, we just simply want to be able to learn how to live a more even-tempered, significant and productive life.

Life Coaching is the relationship in which a professionally trained life coach assists you in reaching your dreams and goals.

In a non-judgmental, unconditional supportive context, a life coach provides you with the opportunity of analysing your life strategies, processes and patterns of behaviours. A life coach is focussed on your objectives and utilizing a process-based method, asks the right questions at the right time to bring out your own inner resources, individuality and potential to achieve your desire outcomes.

Counselling is the process of working with an accepting qualified professional therapist that can assist in identifying the ways and processes to resolve and change your unwanted behaviours.

Our approach to resolving unnecessary habits is influenced by sixteen different modalities of psychotherapy, five different philosophies, hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). This approach to Counselling helps us to work with our client to understand all the influences that caused and formed the incredibly complex self.

Hypnotherapy is the clinical work performed to help you to loose weight, to develop confidence, to overcome the fear of public speaking or to stop smoking.

Hypnosis is a state of focused attention. We all have experienced many levels of trance; take for example the case of driving and getting to your destination and then realizing "how did I get here?" not being totally aware and yet arriving safely to your destination in an "unconscious" state. Ericksonian hypnosis is a natural psychobiological state, and a trained Ericksonian hypnotist looks for how and where trance is already occurring, the unconscious is always listening.

The low cost therapeutic group it is located in the Sydney CDB; sessions are held for two hours with a maximum of only 10 persons a session. This group has been formed for individuals having difficulties: (1) establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships, and (2) maintaining a sense of personal worth (self-esteem).

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